New comer for Muresk, Agribusiness Degree

From the year 2019, Muresk Institute will be offering an Associate degree in Agribusiness. The benefits of pursuing the degree at Muresk include the flexibility delivery modes which include sit in classes at Muresk and Curtin’s Bentley campus and reinforced with practical experience.

Block teaching will be introduced to address the students’ seasonal work commitments associated with the farming sector.

There are 45 students pursuing Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management (BABM) that were delivered by Charles Sturt University. 9 students have been enrolled in the course from the start of next year.

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The previous government had in 2016 identified risks linked to the financial viability of the BABM degree from its onset, reason being that there was over estimation of the number of students in its modeling leading to unrealistic revenue targets. The government commissioned an independent evaluation of the degree.

The previous government ignored advice and continued to fund a financially unviable and failing program. The Curtin University will be a pathway into the full Curtin University Bachelor of Agribusiness by offering a 2-year Agribusiness Associate Degree program.


Assurance from the Government

Sue Ellery, Education and Training Minister, said that the government’s announcement of an Associate Agribusiness Degree at Muresk was an indication of its commitment to growing the students’ agricultural skills. She also said that the State bears an opportunity for diversification and jobs creation through the agricultural industry.

Ellery assured student currently pursuing the BABM course that they will receive full support to complete their course unaffected.

Deborah Terry, Curtin University Vice Chancellor, praised the campus as one with strong commitments to research and teaching in agriculture in WA with its focus on growing its base of agriculture and food sectors with continued support to the growth within the sector.

Terry said that the university saw the delivery of the Agribusiness Associate Degree as part of their commitment. The development of the course in association with the industry is necessary to meet industrial needs.

In conclusion, Terry said that Agriculture had evolved into agribusiness, becoming a vast complex system going beyond the farm to those bringing fibre and food to consumers.

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