2017 ARA Conference: Dupont-Dow Merger to be a Major Focal Point

This years ARA Conference and Expo will be host to a multitude of essential workshops and segments (and of course, the annual golf tournament). Among the featured industry trailblazers and frontrunners to speak at the conference, there will be a highlighted discussion of the proposed Dupont-Dow merger by James C. Collins Jr. The merger is to be finalized at the close of the stock market on Aug. 31st and begin trading shares publicly Sept. 1st as DowDupont Inc (DWDP). Since the deal’s announcement, industry professionals and investors have been anticipating its affect on the market.

2016 ARA Conference

Collins, the executive vice president of Dupont, shall keynote the opening general session on Nov. 29th – the merger will be the centerpiece of the session, as well as current developments and related trends. Collins received a B.S. in bioengineering at Christian Brothers College in Memphis, Tenn. and started at Dupont Manufacturing as an engineer in 1984. Since then, he has held various supervisory and management positions within the company. Collins is also credited with the introduction of the Dupont Crop Protection program; which increased overall crop yields since its implementation.

After the merger, Collins will assume the position of chief operations officer (COO). Dupont and Dow, with a combined market value of $150 billion, will transcend BASF SE to become the world’s largest chemical company. Expect Collins to expand on the separation of DowDupont Inc. into three separate companies: each one with an emphasis on agriculture, specialty products, and materials. The three-way separation is to be finished by 2019 and the boards of both Dupont and Dow have been reviewing this separation to ensure that it would bring the most favorable value for its shareholders. It will also be expected for Collins to curb any concerns regarding any market volatility that could arise between Sept. 1st and Nov. 29th post-merger.

The 2017 ARA Conference is to be held at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. For more information regarding the event and registration, go to www.aradc.org.


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