The importance of agribusiness for young people in Uganda

The school education, solely based on theory, is overvalued. Students need to be taught skills and abilities they will have a use for in the future, when they will start working, and the government should intervene and invest more on this.

Surprisingly, Uganda has a very fertile ground and a warm climate, ideal for farming. However, this sector is very underdeveloped and young people do not take it into account: they tend to emigrate, not knowing that agribusiness is of crucial importance for Uganda itself. The food market is fundamental for the country. Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, known to most as as Bobi Wine, was the first one to take a stand and speak directly to young people during the Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship camp Namugongo-Kyoto Spiritual Resort in Wakiso, organized by the Uhuru Institute of Social Development.

Bobi Wine knows the reality of young people of Uganda. Despite being a key part of the population, more than half of them do not have a job.

“This is not just a waste”, Bobi says, “it is very dangerous. Their energies are channeled towards illegal, dangerous activities, like drug dealing, gambling and violence.”

The solution?

“It is a very important sector for a single, simple reason: people need to eat to live.

And one does not need high specialized education to be able to farm.
I myself bring my children with me to my farm in Magere, Wakiso, and I make them work: in this way I know that they understand the importance of the sector, and the importance of food itself.”

A training course has already begun with more than a hundred young people -from all over the country- to whom all the “secrets of the industry” have been taught. The program officer is Stephen Omongin Odeke.
According to him, it is the lack of practical skills in the education provided to young people that has caused all this unemployment.

“The government should intervene against this extremely theoretical education given at schools.”

And what do the young ones think about it?


The reports are more than positive. Albert Kahima from Kamale District tells how it has been very easy for him, thanks to the education provided by the Uhuru Institute, to start cultivating his land and raising small animals. Now he has a good profit, and he is pleased by the business he has accomplished completely alone.

Likewise, Laura-Angel Kyakunzire (from Wakiso), after attending the course, acknowledged how young people do not realize the great opportunities hidden in the Uganda lands. She also plans to open her own business.

Ronald Ben Ayiasi, a student from Makerere University, claims that there is a desperate need for young people in agriculture and in markets. Only young minds and a good workforce can revive a reality that seems to have been forgotten.

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